-E.B. White

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Deb's niece Erin was in town for a visit so we had an impromptu family gathering and enjoyed chatting with her about military life. At the time of this visit her husband Loren, a Major in the Army, had been deployed, again to Iraq and she was holding down the fort (no pun intended) in Fayetville, NC. where she is a Captain in the Army.
Ali, Shana, Erin & Meghan
Debs sister Gails girls.
School started for the older kids on Tuesday the day after Labor Day - Georgia looking very stylish in her new duds and checking out her new watch. Cooper started Kindergarten on Thursday and we all cried - where has the time gone?

The bus stop - it looks like a commercial for the Gap Kids.

Thursday Cooper started Kindergarten - we were all there to see him off - can't believe he's all grown up now.
There he goes - and he never looked back - sniff, sniff.

Brad, Katie and kids joined us for a weekend up at the Cabin on Platte Lake. Lots of relaxing, hikes and campfires. The guys pooped out on us Saturday night so Katie and I got the bright idea to visit the cabin across the street where Pete was entertaining his softball team (about 10 guys). Let's just say "what happens at Pete's cabin stays at Pete's cabin" - right Katie?

Niece Shana and her husband Keith came up for the day on Sunday.

another Platte lake sunset

Cooper celebrated his 6th Birthday in September and the day of his party we stepped outside to find this in our yard. Kind-a-cute isn't it. You enter in the front then go thru a maze of sorts and then come out it's butt - wow how exciting. It's going to be tough to top this next year!

The party revelers

Then you come out the bugs butt - fun huh? (Emma - Jordan & Meg's sister)

The cake, the presents and...

The Party - Katie you rock.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Well now that he's six we think it's ok for Cooper to start smoking - NOT!! - remember candy cigarettes - wow I didn't know they still existed. He also got a whoppi cushion and the fun glasses you just saw on Georgia, Brad & Pops. Jen Goudreau you give good gifts!

We have been talking for the last couple of years about remodeling our upstairs bathroom - which you can see below is about the size of a postage stamp. Rick teases that you can sit on the toilet, shower and brush your teeth all at the same time. We hemmed and hawed and finally in September the project started. This is a two year plan and we will let you know how things progress.

Bring in the sledge hammer - I think he is really enjoying this.

The new bathroom project required expanding into Deb's dressing room. But that's ok - I've been promised a big soaking tub in exchange.

Old yucky, moldy insulation - one never knows what you will find behind those plaster walls of this old house - lots of old newspapers too.

So pretty with it's new pink insulation - this is it - this project is on hold till we return in the spring.