-E.B. White

Sunday, January 22, 2012

WE ARE FINALLY SETTLING IN at Legacy Harbour Marina in Ft. Myers.  The whole B-dock gang were there to greet us and we arrived just in time for docktails, yippee - it feels like coming home to us.  Between the Tuesday night dinners, Thursday night potlucks, pizza parties and docktails, the diet has kind of fell by the wayside.  The marina has a gym and of, course, Izzy still needs her daily walk, so hopefully we can get back on track.  The projects have begun, but, unfortunately it was not something on the list - it was one of those ideas in the back of Rick's head that never made it to paper.  Broulee's batteries did not survive the summer - five out of twelve went bad each losing one cell - the others appear weak so replacement of all twelve is necessary. They are 6 volt, wet cell, deep cycle golf cart batteries and Rick figured as long as he was replacing them, he would build them a new battery box (this is the project that is not on the list).   

The cockpit has now been turned into a workshop - not fun for Deb & Izzy, but we were told it will only be five days (this is day one and we are now working on day 12, but who's counting).
The reason for this new project that was not on the list is because the old battery box (the white cover) was right up against the engine requiring Rick to climb over it like a little monkey to get to the back of the engine room.  
Once completed, the new battery box will now house six of the batteries in one long row allowing for a fourteen inch walkway between the engine and the new box.  This picture was taken on day 12 of the five day project, so looks like it may take a little longer, but, then again, who's counting.

It has not been all work and no play - our friends Wayne & Carol on a Krogen Whaleback 48 - "Take Time"  drove over in their van from the Stuart area for a two day visit.  We all became RV people for a day and toured the Ft. Myers RV and Camping show.
Wayne came up with this great idea for selling his boat - anyone interested in a beautifully maintained Krogen Whaleback - this is the one!
On Saturday we were joined by our long time friend Jeanne Vander Most (on Rick's left) and her friend Ruth.  Jeanne and her husband Van were our mentor's during our early Broulee boating experiences, allowing us to tag along with them on their journeys and taught us to relax and just enjoy life.  We lost Van in 2004 and sadly miss not boating with them any longer - it was great to get all of us together and to laugh about all the crazy times we have had.
(Carol, Wayne, Deb, Rick, Jeanne & Ruth)   

The marina has been kind enough to allow us to run Izzy in their fenced in boat storage area. It's nice, not to  be on a leash all the time and fun to get some serious ball throwing done.
and there is nothing better on a 42 ft boat than a worn out Izzy.  

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1,719 MILES IN 2 1/2 DAYS - once we made the decision to go there was no stopping us.  We called River Forest Yacht Center and told them to get her ready to go in!  After a holiday season of unusually mild temps (and practically no snow) we departed on January 4th and arrived back at the boat on the 6th.  Broulee was there in the sling waiting for our inspection and then to be splashed. 
Getting ready for the holidays a Smith Family outing to cut down a Christmas tree (this was all the snow we had, until New Years Eve).

Our lake finally froze mid December, so on a warm sunny day (they claim there was 6" of ice) Pops and Cooper headed out for some ice fishing. I thought they were crazy, but they both kept calling me chicken - so like an idiot I followed them out. 

and the ice boats were out - so it must be safe, right?  Unfortunately, later that day, one broke thru the ice.
Then we came to this patch that had broken up and refroze again - he's only 8 and a daredevil - have at it Cooper. You can call me chicken all you want.

We visited with Santa and gave him our lists.

The kids in their Christmas hats from Great Grandma Joan and Great Grandpa Jack.

The whole Christmas, New Year experience at home was lots of fun - however, time to get the decorations down and get the heck out of here.

Once, again - No stopping for Ruby Falls.  The signs start 83 miles north of Chattanooga and are placed every mile or so thereafter.  It really gets you curious - I at least finally googled it - might have to put it on my bucket list.

We had the yard put a fresh coat of bottom paint on her and buff the hull - WOW, she's looking good!

Ready to drop her in -  Broulee looking pretty puny next to that Krogen 58.  Unfortunately, the 58 was in pretty rough shape - needing lots of TLC. 

She's floating.
and she is so shinny and pretty heading to tie up at the wall.
Now unloading the car (one of us brought way too much clothes) and the job of getting her cleaned up and everything unpacked and stowed begins.

To our nothern friends and family - we know it has been nice in Minnesota, but you ain't doing this!
We spent three days at this beautiful, quiet, private marina getting Broulee ready - hard to leave, but up early on Monday to head for our reserved slip at Legacy Harbour Marina in Ft. Myers. 
Izzy will greatly miss her 30 acre fenced in yard! (So will we).