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Friday, February 25, 2011

BACK IN BIMINI - waiting on weather.  Hoping to cross to Florida tomorrow to start our next adventure - our kids and grandkids are joining us for a romp in the Florida Keys before we pack Broulee away for the summer.  Our run from Nassau to Bimini was uneventful, including our overnight anchorage on the banks.  Presently anchored outside of Bimini Bay Marina enjoying our last moments in the pristine waters of the Bahamas. 
Sunrise as we are leaving Nassau Harbour Marina
Fun things to do in Nassau!
Sneaking past Atlantis - exiting Nassau Harbour

Lighthouse - west end of Nassau Harbour

Hitchhiker on our bow pulpit

Photo courtesy of Big Run

As we reflect over the last two and a half months - we are reminded of one of our favorite Mark Twain quotes "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bow lines.  Sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore.  Dream.  Discover."

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

LAST FLING -ALMOST FINAL FRIDAY IN FEBRUARY FULL MOON FESTIVITIES - We decided to treat Nassau like it was a vacation destination.  The following are ramblings from a tourist.
 Big Run - Full Moon Friday - Rose Island anchorage - outside of Nassau.
As we entered the harbour these guys were headed out for a day of fun on the water - can you say - "where is my life jacket"?
The Harbour - need I say more.
Behind the scenes - Potters Cay - reputed to have the best conch salad in the Bahamas - and it all starts right here.
The bridge that we hiked over to see Atlantis on Paradise Island

Marina at Atlantis
Mingling with the cruise ship people - always an interesting experience. I didn't know fanny packs were still fashionable.

The straw market
The conga line at Senor Frogs

No explanation needed

Riding the local dollar bus back to the peace and quiet of the marina.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

MOVING ON – Ok, so before we headed back to Emerald Bay for our little emergency, we had one more visit with the pigs at Staniel Cay. This time we had Big Run with us and we learned since here last, that the pigs really like bread. Unfortunately, for us, they smelled the bread before we were even close to the shore and one of them tried to swamp our dinghy. This should have been a clue not to mess with them on land – but, we did. After Sharon ran out of bread – things got down right ugly, forcing her to flee into the water with pigs in chase. One of them managed to step on her foot in the process and at this point we decided we probably have had enough fun with the pigs.

Bread, Bread, Bread - I smell Bread!

GIVE ME THE BREAD!!!!! ( we threw the whole bag in the water - just to get it off our dinghy)

Sharon with the pigs before the stampede.

Rick Smith "The Pig Whisperer"

Hey buddy, thanks for the bread!

Our original plans were to cover the islands between Great Guana Cay and Rat Cay, but Nurse Karen at Staniel Cay, decided that Deb’s wound on her leg needed doctor’s attention and suggested the Steventon Clinic near Emerald Bay (which we could make in a day).  After leaving Emerald Bay we motored back up the bank side of the islands thru some very skinny water ,  do-able only on high tide.  We eventually met up with Big Run – holed out in their favorite spot between White Point and Black Point. The following pics are from some interesting rock formations and scenery along the way.

Three Sisters Rock (Hey Joni & Gail we have rocks named after us - since I am the oldest I want to be the big rock on the left.)

This one is also for my sisters - I call this the Sleeping Giant - Bahamian style (you have to be a northerner to understand this). 

Correction to a previous posting - This is not a cave on Cave Cay - this is a cave on Rudder Cay - after awhile the caves and Cays become somewhat confusing.

One of the beach houses on Musha Cay

Oven Rock at Little Farmer's Cay..

Morning sunrise on shoreline at Hetties Land, Great Guana Cay

We made our way into the Compass Cay area following a serpentine route thru shallow waters and hap-hazardly spaced markers/bouys.  Coming thru one area we must have veered a bit of course as the chartered 8 ft depths quickly became 5 ft.  A slight heading change, corrected that.  We set anchor on the west side of Pipe Cay where the tidal current ran close to 2 MPH.  This is an area we would love to come back to and explore in great detail – time is running short and we have the barn door in our sights.

We stopped briefly at Warderick Wells to do what we had promised ourselves we would accomplish - this is the master carver at work.

A Dremel drill, sharpie pen, glue, shells and rope - I think we are good to go - LET'S ROLL!

A baby conch on the beach distracted us for a minute on our mission to conquer - "Boo Boo Hill"

The treacherous trekk to Boo Boo Hill - whatever were we thinking. NO TURNING BACK!

Mission Accomplished!

Nestled in with Front Page and Dee Light 

Bob on Big Run, digging deep into his boy scoute roots, opted for the old magnifying glass, wood burning method. Way to go Bob!

Ok then, I think we are done here.

Next moving north to Nassau - thru the mine fields of coral heads (we are the little green boat).

 and this is what we are trying to avoid - thank goodness for good light.

Our mission before we return to the states has been accomplished, the making and placing of our boat name plaque on Boo Boo Hill. With our adventure soon coming to an end, we can now go home with our head held high (weather permitting) and know that we have conquered some challenging situations and overcame them. As you can see the cruising life is not all “rum and cokes” on the aftdeck, but it is a huge amount of fun. It is one of the last great freedoms, where you are entirely in an adventure of your own making. You can’t avoid all the problems but you can have the wherewithal to fix most of them. It’s been an amazing journey, we’ve met lots of great people, found some really good friends, enoyed the culture, the food, the music and the all around beauty of the area – we will be back.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Just a quick update - spent a week back down at Emerald Bay Marina taking care of some medical issues at the Steventon Clinic (deb's leg wound) and are now on the move again - updates to follow.  In the mean time Happy Valentie's Day!

Monday, February 7, 2011

LET'S SEE, WHERE DID WE LEAVE OFF? - Oh, yes, Patiently waiting for a part. We are now into the 2nd description of patience, i.e., calmly tolerating delay, confusion, etc.  It seems there was some confusion as to who was paying for our little part to be shipped, so it sat in the Watermakers Air terminal for several days before finally arriving at Staniel Cay.  We, however, grew tired of the game so we decided to head back over to Great Guana Cay and do a little bit of snorkeling at Hetties Land and try to remember "it is the islands mon" and "every little ting is gonna be alright".  We were assured by Watermakers Air that the part would be in on the next afternoon flight - so on their word we motored back to Staniel Cay for the 3:30 flight the next day.  Are you sure our part is not on that plane?????  After several more phone conversations we found out that the girl who "assured" us our part would be on the plane was off work that day, and oops, the part did not make the plane.  That's it - we are going to the Little Farmers Cay Festival held on the First Friday in February and we will show Watermakers Air we don't care when the flipping part arrives (well we do, but, don't tell them). We are now back in Staniel Cay for the Super Bowl, the 5 F festival was a riot, we've got our part, the Packers beat the Steelers, and, yes, "every little ting is gonna be alright".

Snorkeling at Hetties Land - White Point, Great Guana Cay (still trying to figure out the underwater camera)

We actually were looking for lobster, but no luck today.

Moving on to the Little Farmers Cay First Friday in February Festival - we think it originally was a family reunion of sorts for locals who have moved off the island to return for a weekend of festivities, including a sailing regatta, contests, food, drink and lots of music.  It's listed in our cruising guides, so I guess we are invited.  

 The C-Sloops having to manuever around all the boats in the anchorage.

Now on to the craziness!

After the race we walked to town and found the bar, the restaurant and the best male legs and butt contest.

Great Conch Fritters and lobster for lunch - Bob on Big Run, Joe on Short Walk, Michael on Second Star and Gerry on Monks Vineyard (not pictured) have all just been hustled by a woman from Ocean Cabin Restaurant and Bar to enter the Mens Best Legs & Bum Contest.  Drink up Mateys - the fun is about to begin!

The line up - getting their mojo on.

Brooklyn - are you kidding me?

It was a close tie between Bob on Big Run and Michael on Second Star, both Krogenites - but Michael was declared the winner and then the rum shots started flowing.

It's amazing how many friends you can make when you are carrying around a bottle of rum.  Michael, Rick Jana (Michael's better half) and Sharon & Bob. 

This little guy won all of our hearts - his name was Nathan and he was in love with my digital camera. 
Gerry & Linda - photo courtesy of Nathan

Rick & Sharon - photo courtesy of Nathan

We (meaning Rick & I) did miss the rest of the festivities for the day -hermit crab racing, butt darts (involving quarters being carried in your butt) and the music jam session at the yacht club - Izzy needed to be pumped out and fed and then the pillow was calling our names  - just a five minute nap - I promise.  Saturday became more of local event - and all the crazy boater stuff calmed down - thank goodness. 

Exuma Marching Band

Yah Mon!

P.S.  Thanks Kim & Jim for following the blog - next time we will wait a couple of days after posting our patiently waiting for parts to see if you might have a spare.