-E.B. White

Monday, November 29, 2010

WELL WE MADE IT BACK TO BROULEE -  1,742 miles and three long days of travel.  Weather cooperated, we left Minnesota on the 18th of November with an ice/sleet storm on our heals, thru Illinois with tornadoes on our butt and had clear dry weather for the entire drive.  We arrived at River Forest Yachting Center in LaBelle, FL at around 3:30 on the 22nd just to check on Broulee and planned to motel it again for one more night.  The staff at the marina said they would stay late and get Broulee back in the water  - couldn't believe it - totally unexpected.  It felt soooo good to be back on the boat. 
I took this picture for my sister Joni.  As many times as the two of us have been to Florida and back we still have not seen Ruby Falls -  now Rick and I continue this tradition.  The advertisements start as you enter Tennessee and are plastered along the roadways every half mile or so.  Rick and I did go to Chattanooga a few years back and we still didn't see Ruby Falls.  Maybe on the way north in 2011 (yah right).

Our chariot, packed to the gills, delivered us safe and sound. Temps in the 80's - time to get the flip flops out.

Sorry, M/V Tourist (our friends Rick and Pam on a 48ft. SeaRay) they had to move you so we could get out .  Our nose was literally up their ass - they really cram the boats in.

Broulee coming out of storage and splash.  There is a kid with a joy stick in control of moving the hoist - wow that is one big remote control toy.  We both agreed that this is the cleanest our boat has ever been (inside and out) after leaving it for the summer. 

Getting ready to splash - and losing daylight.

She's floating!!! Just in time for a sundown cocktail.

Because it was Thanksgiving week we had the entire marina to ourselves, at no charge - yahoo!  We took advantage of the free docking, taking time to provision (food), provision (many trips to West Marine) and clean, make needed repairs and get organized.  We stopped in Ft. Myers (by car) to visit with friends at Legacy Harbour Marina, Donnie and Marilyn on Kasey's Choice.  I say by car, because if by boat - we would probably still be there.  Nice place to hang out, but hard place to leave.

Rain during the night made for a fun mud puddle for Izzy.
Nothing better on a 42ft boat than a wet muddy Labrador - what were we thinking.

Actually we did have a visitor during our private stay at the marina.  Nice to be able to helicopter in to your boat.

Broulee all clean and shiny - ready to pull out and head east.

At the Moore Haven lock this huge smoke cloud blocked out the sun.  Must be burning the sugar cane fields again. 

This guy was also at the lock to greet us.

Izzy settled into her favorite spot for the ride across Lake Okeechobee - the watch berth.

The trip across the lake was pretty uneventful.  This flock of seagulls followed us the entire way.

This guy watched us like a hawk!! 

We also had a little rain and then this beautiful rainbow.

 Got across just in time to find this quiet anchoring spot just on the other side of Port Mayaca Lock.

Monday morning we got an early start crossing under the Indiantown Railroad Bridge on the St. Lucie River.

Midday - (this is a little embarrassing) we were almost passed by young men rowing. 

Hope to make it to Lake Worth Anchorage tonight.

 November 28th, 2000 this bundle of joy came into our lives. 
Happy 10th Birthday Georgia Peach 

Monday, November 15, 2010

OCTOBER - GLAD THAT' S BEHIND US. Up here in the north country it's always a race against the weather. You never know when the big "deep freeze" is coming so you need to be prepared. Minnesotans are all about being prepared - except maybe that Halloween blizzard in 1991. We live in fear of that blizzard and as a result feel the need to haul out docks, boats, stash patio furniture, move plants in, rake leaves, lock up cabin - all by the 15th of the month and absolutely positively by Halloween. Well lucky for us, no snow for Halloween and it looks like we have some good weather left to wrap up a couple of those items deemed - "if they get done, they get done". We are also preparing for our annual migration to the southern climes - Webster's dictionary defines prepared as 1. Make ready or adaptable 2. to make ready to receive 3. to fit out; equip 4. to put together; arrange; construct 5. to get things ready (and last, but, not least) 6. to get oneself ready. We are doing all of the above.

The bathroom project at this old house is on hold until next year. The powder room portion (vanity and toilet) are functional and the bath tub is in and operating, but shower and finishing the floor tile in that room will have to wait. Oh, well it is what it is.

We spent a weekend up at the cabin putting, new roof on boat house, siding and primer on the bathhouse, blowing out water lines and closing everything up for the winter. Thanks cabin neighbor Pete for help on the boathouse!

This little guy joined us for our weekend at the cabin - can't say when I last saw a stick bug.

It's always a sad day when the boats and docks have to come out of the water - but it has become a family affair and we try and make the best of it (at least this year we had good weather).

Bald Eagle Lake Boating Season 2010 -That's a wrap!!

Another fall ritual - the bringing in of the fruit trees, tropicals and any other wimps that won't survive the brutal winter weather. They seem to get bigger and heavier every year - their days may be numbered.

One in - 20 more to go.

Looks like we got everyone shoe horned in.

On a recent pheasant hunting adventure - Izzy found a barbed wire fence - resulting in a trip to the ER, four stitches in her right fore leg and this lovely parting gift. CHA-CHING!

Four stitches - has not slowed Izzy down one bit.

Then the raking begins.

The grandkids are getting to that age where they want to help, but, for them - it's all about how big the pile can get - well I guess you have to stop and smell the roses sometimes.

Oh, Oh - it looks like it's time to head south. The November 13th storm dumped 6" in the Twin Cities so we have now had our snow fix. Next time you hear from us we should be back on Broulee (hopefully).