-E.B. White

Monday, November 30, 2009

WOULDN'T YOU KNOW NOVEMBER GOT NICE - it's hard to think about leaving to go south - you want it to be bitter cold and snowy. Anyway everythings ready so time to start packing!

We told Izzy to start picking out toys to pack to take south. She started with Duffy, Piggy and Ducky. Later she added Pheasanty (stolen from her sister Kelly next door) and squirelly. Oh, yes then boney and bally (notice a pattern here?)

Deb's family Thanksgiving/Christmas was very early this year - November 14th - Rick is happy because we can head south early. Here we all are in our festive party hats (minus David who is taking the picture and Cooper crashed on the couch).

Last day at the bus stop with the grandkids. Nana is very, very sad.

November 18th we headed south to Broulee in Columbus, MS via New York (doesn't everybody do it that way?) We had promised Rick's sister and brother-in-law a visit in September, but their son Brian had emergency brain surgery so our trip was delayed. With Brian now in rehab and on the mend we decided it would be a good time to visit. Don & San's house is on the Hudson River across from West Point in Garrison, New York . It's listed on the National Registry for Historic Places. Brian's doing great, Leslie's project is underway, the weather was perfect and it was wonderful to see everyone.

Rick & Leslie inspecting the equestrian center construction. Quite a project. Good job Leslie. Visit it's progress at http://www.myfeettakewings.org/

Devin, Macdera & Samantha

Devin stuck in the mud at the construction site
It was bound to happen - started out one stuck, then another one goes to help, then the whole darn family is stuck - kids anyway.
Brian and his daughter Sam at Leslie's house. Brian was on a one day pass from the Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital.

Brian and his wife Courtney
Samantha's soccer team won the championship game her team was undefeated this season - Don and Rick congratulating her.

Sandra and Macdera

Izzy brought her stuffed toy (we call pheasanty) to New York with her, but as you can see Buster has latched onto it - well we figured it was ok, after all Izzy stole it from her sister Kelly who lives next door to us in Minnesota. We told Izzy you need to learn to share - let Buster play with it.

Well it looks like Phesanty is staying in New York with Buster - this was the day we were leaving and he was not giving it up. Have a happy life Pheasanty.

Got to Columbus, Ms on Thanksgiving day and did some quick grocery shopping - we loaded fridge and freezer with goodies, including Rick's favorite ice cream. Woke up the next morning to find out our freezer had taken it's last breath during the night - oh, good ice cream soup for breakfast. Seems simple - just call sub-zero and order a new freezer right? Come to find out they have quit making the freezer - you can still get the fridge - now what is the reasoning behind that decision. Anyway more to come on changes required to replace sub-zeros. Looks like we will be here for awhile.