-E.B. White

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

We visited Peter Island in the B.V.I.'s this is a view of our anchorage from the top of the hill. We hiked over to the Resort on the other side of the island and enjoyed a well deserved drink.

View on the other side of Peter Island

Wayne found this beautiful shell, unfortunately the guy living inside did not want to give it up so we had to toss it back. The occupant was slowly sucking his way back inside. It was really hard to give this one up!

Wayne & Carol's dinghy is capable of pulling water skiiers - so Rick decided to waterski in the caribbean.

Hello Bald Eagle Lake people I'm waterskiing in March and better yet, in the Caribbean!!

After a hard day of skiing - another beautiful sunset and rum off the back of the boat!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Deb flew to Phoenix March 22nd thru the 25th to visit her parents and help celebrate her Mom's 75th Birthday at the "wrinkle ranch" also known as Queen Valley RV Resort which is about 60 miles east of Phoenix. The weather was a little rainy & cool, but we had a great time and the sun came out for Mom's birthday on Saturday and then again, of course, the day I left. It's hard not to love it here, lots of good people, good Margarita's and spicy Mexican food. Now it's back to the Caribbean to meet up with Rick & Fred who have been cruising over in St. Croix.

Mom & Dad's home away from home for the winter.

The resort and club house

The cake!

The Party!

The celebrating! (Mom & Her Sister - Aunt Babe)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Deb flew back to Minnesota for a grandkid fix prior to flying to Phoenix for her Mom's 75th birthday. Georgia and Cooper couldn't wait to show off their new umbrella's. They are way too cute!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Rick's sister Sandra came aboard March 13th and stayed until the 19th. This girl is the snorkeling queen. She snorkeled morning, noon and well into the sunset. We visited Brewers Bay, Guana Island/Monkey Point (great snorkeling), Marina Cay on the East end of the island (also good snorkeling), Norman Island (great snorkeling in the caves), The Indians (lots of colorful fish & steep walls), Yost Van Dyke for our favorite lunch spot for Chicken Roti's at Ali Baba's, St. John's and St. Thomas. Lots of fun, painkillers (rum drinks), snorkeling and swimming.

Unfortunately we had some rain while San was here. This blast lasted about 15 minutes then it was back into the water for more snorkeling.

Yost Van Dyke lies to the north of Tortola and has a population of approximately 200 people and was named after a Dutch Pirate. Great Harbour has a worldwide reputation for having great beach parties. Home of the famous Foxy's Beach Bar/Restaurant and our favorite roti place - Ali Baba's.

Ali Baba's waterfront restaurant/bar.

The famous Foxy's beach bar/restaurant "where friends are met & memories made". They have a fabulous bar-b-que on Friday and Saturdays.

When we were here about 10 years ago, Foxy's was relatively small and bras and underwear where hanging from the ceiling. They have expanded and now just about anything can be tacked to the ceiling if you can find a spot.

Last year when we were at Yost Van Dyke there were over 50 boats in the harbour. Sometimes things get a little too close.

OOPS! Somebody is dragging.

Rick & Sandra taking a break from snorkeling (but not for long).

We saw this cute little submarine when entering the Marina in St. Thomas.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Deb's sister Joni and brother-in-law David joined us March 5th thru the 13th for lots of snorkeling and fun in the sun. We left Roadtown, Tortola on the 6th, visited Brewers Bay, Cane Garden Bay, Marina Cay, Norman Island, Cooper Island, Yost Van Dyke, Green Cay & Sandy Spit, Guana Island/Monkey Point, and the Baths at Virgin Gorda. Good weather and lots of rum drinks - made for a great time.

We got a chuckle out of the two signs posted in the bathroom at the Marina in Roadtown.

Sign at the Sink for washing hands.

Marina Cay has a resort/bar/restaurant and a Pusser's store. We enjoyed Happy AAARG at the Sunset Bar with lively entertainment and free shots of Pusser's rum. The drink specialty here is Painkillers - and believe me we were feeling no pain when we left.

Sunset at Marina Cay

A favorite spot for snorkeling & diving is "The Indians" lots of colorful fish and nice deep walls with lots of purple, green and gold sea fans. 

The Boomba Shack - home of the full moon beach parties.

Sandy Spit at Green Cay

Saturday, March 3, 2007

We left from Marigot, St. Martin at 5:00 AM the 1st of March to cross to Virgin Gorda which is roughly a 10 1/2 hour trip. The seas were pleasant so it made for a good crossing. Anchored behind Eustatia Island and moved the next day to Spanish Town to clear customs and decided to head into the Virgin Gorda Yacht Harbour and get a slip for a day which turned into 3. Stocked up on provisions, washed down the boat, did some maintenance and general overall cleaning. There are 20 plus islands that make up the BVI's so we have lots of territory to cover and will be here a little over a month playing and enjoying our company that is coming. As we approached the island - two dolphins played in our bow wake and escorted us in to our anchorage. Columbus called this island the "Fat Virgin" because of it's resemblance from seaward to a fat woman lying on her back and it was once the capital of the British Virgin Islands and has about 8,000 inhabitants. The island is approximately 10 miles long with high peaks at the north and central areas. All land over 1000 feet high has been designated National Parks land to preserve its natural beauty.