-E.B. White

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Its been very Weathery

January 9th a tornado hit Cape Coral which felt a little too close for comfort, but the storms that blew thru this weekend were too close for comfort.  This storm hit Marco Island on Friday around 1:30 PM.  It had already tore thru Ft. Myers (possible tornado touch down there) and Naples.  We ended up with high winds in the 25-30MPH range and sideways rain.

Rain started, but the wind has not kicked in yet, these two guys are scrambling to get awning down.  It didn't happen, within seconds we had sideways rain.

30 MPH gusts in the Marina

The second storm hit at 5:23 Sunday Morning - winds clocking 38 MPH.  Naples Airport reported 84 MPH winds.  Lots of power outages.  It's scary when it happens in the dark - reminds me of a few overnight passages we have had, even though we were (hopefully) adequately secured to the dock.  The marina dockmaster spent the day retrieving and collecting unsecured items blown from boats.

So here we are, calm after the storm.  40 MPH Winds all day long.

Electrical chase-looking good

Ok now we have started on the scary panel. To relocate the gauges some of the wires need to be extended, so, start splicing in wire. The engine temp, coolant temp, oil pressure, battery status and warning buzzer will be relocated to the new center panel and will be further from the original wire harness, thus the wire extensions.

So here is the old panel, hoping to recreate the lower portion to install on new panel. Drawings and bids are in, will see what happens.   All the old instruments are now rewired and ready for install on new helm , process is slow, but...

Varnishing is very much like standing on your head. 

Concept is happening.  Black Laminate has been applied.  More instruments to be installed in that helm.  We are happy with the vision.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Light at the end of the tunnel

So where were we - ah yes, the rewiring project. 

For several days I just passed food in -  not sure if he's napping or working.

Remember this mess, well as promised it's getting straightened out; re-routing every wire, one at a time and bundling them into their respective chase.  90% there, waiting for instruments to be set in place to secure the remaining wires.

All that hard work has paid off.  Very neat and tidy with every wire labeled and accounted for.  

Staining has started - trying, again to come up with  a match to teak from 1994.

Laminating and router of the face plates for new helm.

One of many coats of varnish.

What's wrong with this picture?

After a long day of work and a great dinner and drinks at Island Gypsy with Doug & Robbie - what started out as a good back stretch, turned into a evening snooze.   

More excitement to follow?

Monday, January 4, 2016


Update on the project.
The support structure made of teak  - visible portions anyway.  An accent piece of mahogany was chosen where the compass will sit.  These structures will be fastened (screws) to the deck after staining and varnishing is complete. This allows each unit to be removed as needed.

Working with the prototype face board to start determining layout and placement of instruments.

Several of the instruments are moving from up top to these panels and some of the items are being permanently removed (speakers and old radio/cd player) ,again, the panels are just prototypes to see what works best where.

This one is moving from up top to the new helm - Houston, we may have a problem. What's the big deal - it's only attached to twelve wires - that will need to be spliced to extend -yikes!

But then, again, they are all connected to the rats nest over the helm.  Guess it's time to straighten this all out - several with a use to be determined. What would one expect after 22 years, two owners and several "add-ons".  

Then there's the wiring under the helm - OMG - this project has taken on a life of its own.  Label, label and then label again.  Hope we don't loose Rick in there - might attach a lifeline to him. Now, just so its clear, it wasn't this bad until the wire bundles were released to start moving wires.

 What can I say - the patience of a saint. He promises to get it all in order.  Our neice Leslie and her kids are arriving so it's time to at least get the instruments running that we will need to go for a cruise and....

get the pilot house back in order (our car became a storage locker for a few days).  Wires tucked back up in place, back cockpit (carpentry shop) disassembled and stored and time to enjoy a few days of R & R at the beach.

Functional instruments (well not sure about the stabilizers yet). Time to get cleaning.  

We headed out to Keewaydin Island for the day (happy to report stabilizers worked and the rest of the instruments) - fun day on the beach - lots of people - shells pretty much picked over.  Samantha found this one, it's not the prettiest one found, but it sure has a big heart.

Lunch at anchor after a great swim in the gulf.  Temps continue to be warm - water temp is still 78 degrees. (Devin, Leslie, Samantha & Macdera)

Back at Marco Island the boys decided to do some body surfing as the sun was setting. 

New Year's eve - staking out our spot on the beach at Naples Pier for the evening's fireworks.

Fun, food and drinks on the beach waiting for fireworks.

the last sunset of 2015
Naples Pier

Then the Chinese Lanterns came out - must of been at least 250 of them in the sky - awesome.

That's a wrap for 2015

Great having Leslie and the kids here.  Project updates to follow.