-E.B. White

Saturday, June 20, 2020


May 22nd, a very exciting day - I was finally able to score toilet paper and paper towels.  Rick has a virtual doctor visit on the 26th of May as a follow up to his gallbladder removal.  If he gets the sign of approval we are scheduled to fly out of here on the 27th to Florida to move Broulee from Marco Island to River Forest storage on the Okeechobee waterway near LaBelle.

We also needed to get greenhouse, screen porch and front porch unpacked and opened up before heading south.  The green house is our storage place for all our tropical plants which we move outdoors in the spring when temps warm up and move back in before temps get cold in the fall.

The greenhouse is part of our house and is heated, irrigated and sunlamps are used for artifical sunlight in the winter.

The screen porch connects to both the greenhouse and the front porch and is used for winter storage of all the screen porch and front porch furniture and cushions.

The front porch.  Just a heads up all this needs to be packed up and re-stored in October.

Lakeview from the front porch on a hot steamy day.

So with that all behind us and a clean bill of health for Rick we flew out of Minneapolis on the 27th of May on a nearly empty plane (27 people) and mostly everyone wearing masks. Rick has another ERCP on June 4th to have his stent removed,  so once again, we will be moving Broulee on a schedule.  Hauling out on June 1st and flying back to Minnesota on June 1st.  Keeping our fingers crossed for decent weather and seas.

Long story short - we got to Broulee and found that at some point while we were gone, one of our air conditioners had tripped the breaker on our dock so power had been off for who knows how long.  I don't even want to describe the condition of the refrig/freezer.  We called River Forest to explain we would probably not get there until Saturday or Sunday and they said because of Covid-19 their insurance company does not allow people coming in on the weekend when they are not there.  Ok, we will try and make it work.  Worked all night cleaning fridge, Thursday morning got a mechanic at our marina to fix AC, ran and got groceries with a plan to leave at noon.  Weather not looking good, severe weather heading our way with the possibility of tornadoes.  We decided to wait until the storm blows through at 5-6:00 which could get us to our anchorage at Ft. Myers Beach at midnight.

The predicted storm fell apart so all hands on deck - readying to launch at 5:00 PM.

Leaving marina and yacht club, bye, bye, SS Jollly Bridge, and heading into the Marco River.

We immediately picked up a dolphin which became our harbor pilot taking us all the way to the gulf.  

Never gets old, always amazing.

Our departure committee.  Looks like blue skies and calm seas.

It was a beautiful nighttime run up to Ft. Myers Beach.  Anchor down by 11:30 PM and a good nights sleep.

Up early and very hot and humid.  We ran with A/C on all the way to River Forest.  Arriving at our haulout destination by 3:00 on Friday, Whew!  

Early Saturday morning May 30th, we welcomed great nephew, Tipton.  Way to go, again, Josh and Ali.

Saturday our good friend Doug ran over from Naples to pick us up to get our rental car back at Marco.  Then the cleaning and storing began.

This guy came to visit us while we were cleaning.

I run nearly everyday - heat and humidity here are a challenge for me.  I ran up to the Ortona Lock and at 7:00 in the morning you could barely see thru the heavy dew.

Pretty little tug waiting for the lock to open at 8:00 AM.

This time of year you can expect a storm to arrive in the afternoon.  Wall cloud heading our direction.  

Storm stayed mostly east of us and we got to see a rainbow - all good.

All clean and ready to haulout - June 1st.  Our insurance company requires her to be in storage by the start of hurricane season - see you in the fall, Broulee!

Our return flight on June 1st.  When I booked the flight they were still leaving seats in the middle off limits.  Florida works on other rules - if they can fill the plane they fill it.  This flight was completely full and mass confusion, we were lucky to get off the ground.  Anyway we managed to get home, Rick had a successful stent removal on the 4th of June and he has been feeling great, just looking for more energy and trying to put some meat and muscle on his bones.  

In these tough times -
 "Find a place inside where there is joy, and the joy will burn out the pain"
Joseph Campbell