-E.B. White

Monday, August 31, 2009

Looking back at August, I can't believe we crammed everything in that we did. I think we start to panic the end of summer is coming and the need to enjoy as much as we can while the weather is warm kicking in. Needless to say, our summer weather sucked. It was one of Minnesotas top five coldest and very little rain, but, hey on the upside that means less mosquitos. Our tropical rainbow hibiscus finally bloomed - it must have figured it wasn't going to get any warmer and it was all downhill from here.

A highlight of August was getting free passes from our neighbors Anna & Mike for the practice rounds at the PGA Championship held this year at Hazeltine Golf Course not far from our home. We were all so excited to see some of the pros practice especially Tiger Woods . We got there early because we wanted to get a spot close enough to at least say we saw him and maybe get a distant picture - we picked an area where no one seemed to be standing near, a sand trap - I guess the other people thought he would not hit his ball into the trap during practice - anyway we lucked out - he walked over and threw 3 or 4 golf balls into the sand trap and practiced hitting them out. Wow, we couldn't believe it - great photo opts for us. Regardless of what trouble Tiger has gotten himself into right now - it was still incredible to be that close to such a great golf icon.

Tiger practicing

VJ Singh signing autographs

Ernie Els signing autographs

Spent a great weekend in Grand Marais on the north shore of Lake Superior. Planned to spend time with Deb's folks, but they were called back to the cities for a funeral. Nice weekend - lots of hiking trails and just quiet solitude.

Grand Marais Harbour - Lake Superior

Izzy having fun in the frigid water of Lake Superior

Rocks on Lake Superior - Grand Marais, Mn

We had planned a get away with our friends Doug, Robbie and their grandsons to our cabin on Platte Lake. Doug was called into work for an emergency so we decided to head up there anyway. Doug - this is some of what you missed - too bad. Wilson family reunion also this weekend at Deb's cousin Ricki's - but, forgot to bring camera. Great food and always good to spend time with the Wilson side of the family.

Our little cabin in the big woods
This would have been where the boys slept.

Doug & Robbie this would have been your room - maybe next year.

Great cocktail hour waiting for sunset spot - sorry you had to work

These are the nummy ribs you missed

and you missed this great sunset

Ahh - end of the evening campfire - complete with S' mores - you should have been here.

Some of the kids in the hood all seem to be turning 40 this year or next and the end of August two of them celebrated with great 80's music down on the beach. Lots of dancing, singing, drinking and freezing our butts off . But it was all good - these kids know how to party!!

The band Arch Allies (Styx, Journey & REO all rolled into one)

Rick & Deb trying to keep up with the 40 somethings

Rick & Anna

Come on people - this is August 29th not November 29th!!!!
(It was brutally cold - North wind whipping across the lake)

Jeff & Jen - Happy Birthday Jen

Girls just wanna have fun
Rick dancing with the ladies

Took a Sunday drive down to Lake Pepin - we needed a boating fix.Lake Pepin - Great Sailboat Destination

The Marina at Lake City on Lake Pepin