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Thursday, December 30, 2010

TROUBLE IN PARADISE - Left Spanish Wells with Cocoon Too early the morning of the 27th and headed on a course to Hatchet Bay. We met back up with Big Run before making the white knuckle ride thru Current Cut on a slack tide. We then split off from Cocoon Too who are heading to Staniel Cay to meet up with arriving company.  It was a pleasant ride and we slid into Hatchet Bay with it's 80 foot cut at the entry and found a nice anchoring spot (the mooring balls were filled) and dinghyed over to the town for a look see.  Rumor had it that a restaurant in town served the best hamburgers on the island.  Turns out the town, another Alicetown, was economically depressed and the restuarant we were in search of was not open - go figure.

The cut coming into Hatchet Bay - 80 feet wide with unforgiving rock ledges on each side.

Broulee leaving Hatchet Bay the next morning - no wiggle room.

Now here's where the trouble begins.  On the 29th we headed south to Governor's Harbour - the cruising guide says you will find groceries, dairy products and  liquor for sale and we were in need of all of these items so decided to check it out.  Plans were made to run Izzy to shore for a quick pee and then bring her back to the boat and then Big Run and Broulee would tour the town. We jumped in our dinghy, got Izzy to land and in our haste to return - Deb slipped on the wet slimy concrete steps and ended up spending the rest of the day at the Medical facility in town getting four stitches in her leg and a tetanus shot (all for a $45.00 charge - can't beat that).  P.S.  Oh yes, we did manage to limp to the grocery store and liquor store.
 Deb following doctor's orders (well maybe for an hour).  Hey Captain - could I get a rum and coke over here, pronto!

The medical facility on Governor's Harbour.
We also found another Krogen named "Escort" at Governor's Harbour - just met them briefly when Deb was taking a header on the stairs - I'm sure our paths will cross again. Many thanks to both boats for their help and concern during our somewhat tramatic mishap.


On the 30th we moved south to Rock Sound, Eleuthera in search of the famous Ocean Hole.  The trip was very pleasant - we spent most of the day driving from the flybridge and enjoyed the craggy and cavernous shoreline. 

This is the hard part about driving from the flybridge.  We have not yet figured out how to get her up there so this is the sad face we see looking up at us from the watch berth.
 The famous "Ocean Hole" - although a considerable distance from either coast, this completely landlocked tidal lake is rumored to be bottomless.  Fish find their way into it through subterranean tunnels from the sea.

Hello down there!

Trees & Flowers - Pretty little town.

Could of stayed longer, but the Exumas are calling us and looks like we will have an opportunity to cross tomorrow.

Monday, December 27, 2010

WIND, WIND, WIND - Looks like it's going to be another windy year for Florida and the Bahamas - 40MPH winds yesterday and last night, kept us tied to the docks (and internet). Late today winds are supposed to let up so we may have an opportunity to cut loose the lines and motor back to Royal Island anchorage (or not).  So consider this our last post from Spanish Wells and Izzy's last walk around the town.  Our plans (there we go again with that plan thing) is to cruise down the coast of Eleuthera tomorrow, anchor in Hatchett Bay, then on to Rock Sound anchorage to wait out another blow.    
Aerial view of Spanish Wells

Forgot to show pics of Izzy's first golf cart ride to Chris's for Christmas dinner, his beautiful home on Russell Island and view from front porch.
Of, course she had to be in the front seat.

The rest of the pics are from our last walk around this beautiful place - truly paradise.  Thanks to Chris for his hospitality, Cocoon Too for introducing us to the island and Big Run for playing with and loving Izzy.  It's been a very nice time here, but looking forward to the next adventure.

Fun things to do with trash!
 For our Minnesota counterparts - there appears to be Twins & Vikings Fans here

and lots of picturesque homes - I could live here.

I was hoping to sneak this one in unnoticed - cannot help myself.
The Pink Coral Sand
Big Run, Cocoon Too and Broulee at the docks.       

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays and a Very Happy New Year!!
Love, Rick, Deb & Izzy

Friday, December 24, 2010

CHRISTMAS EVE, AHH YES - WHAT CAN WE SAY and no that is not snow.  We took Izzy for another romp in the ocean - the sand is pink coral and again clear turquoise water - can't get much better.

I know - more flowers - I just can't help myself.

It has been one non-stop party since arriving here.  Tonight all three boats are invited for a steak barbecue at Tom & Phyllis's (Cocoon Too) friend Chris Brown - Chris, his father, and his grandfather were all harbour pilots for the big cruise ships, tankers and freighters in Nassau.  He lent us a couple of golf carts to go hither and yon.  We are all heading to his palatial estate perched high on a hill in Russell Island.
  Chris cooking up Conch Fritter appetizers - and Doug you lost the bet on how to pronounce Conch.  I tried, but here they say Conk.  Chris's home is loaded with antiques and memorabilia - he was the perfect host and we feel very priviliged to have met him.

One of his antiques was this 150 year old Perfection smokeless kerosene heater (it still works).

These two northern boys (Tom's from Canada) huddled around the stove warming their toes and fingers.

Then, again it was that too much wine thing and next thing you know Rick is entertaining everyone by fashioning a yarmulke out of tin foil.  It all went down hill from here.  Just try driving a golf cart after 6 hours of drinking and remembering to drive on the left - lucky we got back to the boats.  Can't believe it, but he's invited us back tomorrow for Christmas Dinner - Oy Vey!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Bob decided to become part of the display - I think we are all missing Christmas with our families. 

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The second leg of our trip was not as kind to us - 8 to 10 ft swells, not choppy, but soft rolling hills.  You would go up, up, up then down, down down - kind of like riding a slow moving roller coaster.  This day we traveled for about 8 hours leaving our anchorage in Chub Cay at around 5:00 am and  getting to our anchorage at Royal Island, Eleuthera early enough to relax in the sun and once again, enjoy the turquoise water - however, still too cool for swimming, but tempting. Temps right now are like a Minnesota Lake in the summer .
This is Big Run in the rolly waves - not the big 10 footers - because the photographer could barely stand up.  Big Run is formerly a boat owned by Jeff & Suzanne Kenyon named Baloo.  Before selling her they spent a summer with us at Watergate Marina in St. Paul, Mn.  The new owners are Bob & Sharon Bond - and I am adding their blogsite to this page - check out their interesting story.
Thanks to Bob on Big Run - we've got this beautiful picture of Broulee crossing to Royal Island, Eluethera  - yes that's the captain in the pilot house window.
The next morning after a somewhat blowy night we all started to pull up our anchors to head to Spanish Wells on St. George's Cay, Eleuthera (about an hour ride).  As you can see, Cocoon Too is heading out and...
 Big Run is on the move.  Oh, Oh, - were is Broulee?

When trying to haul up the anchor we discovered it was hooked on an abandoned concrete mooring pad.  The captain had to dive the anchor in the chilly early morning water to try to get one of the anchor flukes untangled from the chain attached to the concrete.  An hour later - we met up with our fellow Krogenites at the Marina in beautiful Spanish Wells.
Colorful buildings on the waterfront.  This island claims to be the most beautiful spot in the Bahamas.  Later that evening at dinner, a friend of Cocoon Too told us 1/3 of the islands budget is spent on keeping it clean.  We can believe it - it's pristine.

Some of the best fishermen, divers and seafarers in the Bahamas live here.  A very prosperous town - with beautiful well maintained homes.
I forgot to mention that Cocoon Too fished along the run from Chub to Eleuthera and caught a Mahi-Mahi large enough to serve 7 hungry boaters - and of course there were lots of rum drinks involved. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early departure from the docks at 6:00 am to make our run to Chub Cay (12 hour trip).  Chub Cay is part of the Berry Islands and about 80 some miles from Bimini.  Bounded on the north and east by the Northwest Providence Channel and on the south by the Tongue of the Ocean.  The seas cooperated and we had a nice smooth ride.  Got to Chub in the dark, anchors down, quick bite to eat and early to bed for a 5:00 am start for our next leg to Eleuthera. 
Cocoon firing up their engine.

Big Run joining our Kadey-Krogen flotilla.
Sunrise just as we are leaving Bimini.
I don't think there were any boats left in Bimini - you get a weather window and you have to take it.

Monday, December 20, 2010

OK WE ARE EXCITED - WE ARE MOVING ON!  After lots of wind - looks like a go tomorrow - we are heading for Chub Cay and will be anchoring between Chub Cay and Mamma Rhoda Rock.  Again it looks like we will be moving in a flotilla for a 12 hour trip and then at least three Krogens will be heading to Eleuthra for another 8 hour trip the following day.  We have scoured every inch of this tiny island and are ready for a new adventure.  We have a few pics to share with you before we go.

This is a pic of the clear water.  We are looking at the bottom 10 feet down.

A little church on the Oceanside of the island. 

These waves kept Izzy from playing in the ocean and also us from leaving.

No playing in the ocean today, but still no at bad view for hiking.

A couple of pics of Dolphin House -  the local museum.

then there is Christmas southern style - you need to double click on the pic to see all the fun stuff.

Sunday Mornings - kind of like a ghost town - shops are closed and everyone is at church.

Street scene
and then there is lots of junk.

Broulee & Cocoon Too chomping at the bit to leave the docks.

The full moon before the Lunar Eclipse 12/20/10
Then there is this cute little kid -  little Ricky with his dog Freckles.  Happy Birthday to my best friend, Dad, Pops and all around good guy.  Love, Deb and Izzy
 Happy Birthday
Dec. 21, 1943

Lunar Eclipse 12/21/10