-E.B. White

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Calm before the storm.

Forgot to say how beautiful it was last weekend, will keep those thoughts in my memory bank until spring.


Monday, November 10, 2014


Fall is my favorite time of year, right behind spring and summer - it just doesn't get any better here.  Because we need to get things put to bed before the snow and temps begin to fall - it is also our busiest time of year. 
 When the crazy coots arrive on the lake - we know our days are numbered.  Time to haul out boats, docks and get our tropical plants in.

If we are lucky - we get that last 80 degree weekend as a teaser - for that one last pontoon ride.

The Smith's final ride for the season.

We had a great Casserly family reunion at Platte Lake cabin.  Our niece took some time from her busy job at the Pentagon for a much deserved R & R.  Izzy pleading for "just one more bed time story, pleeeze??"  Erin couldn't resist - she was missing her black lab mix - Edgar, so Izzy took advantage, of course.

It was a great weekend - nice sunsets and campfires.

So beautiful, sadly we know what comes next - RAKING!!!

Raspberry Wine - we had a bumper crop.  Unfortunately, due to our harsh winter and wet summer, there were no grapes this year - even the big vineyards struggled.  So our only choice was Raspberry in as many ways that we could think of - Chocolate Raspberry, sweet, semi-sweet, a Raspberry blended with Malbec, etc.  It's all good.

Went up to cabin to pull out docks and boats - before hauling out boat we decided to go hunting for floating cattail bogs.  The DNR told us if we find any floating we could drag them to our shoreline to help with our shoreline erosion.  More on the rebuilding and re-stabelizing with natural materials next spring.  Izzy and Rick lassoing a cattail, for our putt putt ride back to cabin.  Felt like we were on Broulee.

One of the projects that will continue next year is the restoration of  the 1970's vintage Kubota. It was part of the Vineyard attempt in Kansas - early 70's.  It was also part of our Builder/Land Development company in Minnesota.  It has been under a tarp for years, but amazingly it's small diesel engine fired up after some "gentle nudging".  Pictured here without its fenders and engine cowling - removed for painting.  Rick was busy this fall with some remodeling projects at our commercial office building - fun to see him with his tool belt on again.  

 Temps at night are starting to push the freezing point - time to move all of the tropicals into the greenhouse.   Docks are out, boats are out (pontoon in background) - I think we are on a roll.

One of my favorite Halloween costumes was niece Shana and husband Keith.  You might have to be from Minnesota to appreciate it - but dressed as Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox.  You are rocking it, Shana!  She claims that's a rubber axe - we have our eye on you Keith

 (-:   Kidding!

Cooper has started Ukulele lessons.  Izzy enjoys his practice sessions before we head out to the bus stop, she thinks he's brilliant.

Two things I have been excited about - gas prices dipping below $3.00 and the end of the election campaign commercials.  Can't believe I would be greatfull for the return of the Depends and Cialis commercials. 

This is what we awoke to this morning - now we know our days are numbered.  Deb is driving to AZ with her parents this Friday - Rick will wrap up any loose ends here and then we will start our trek south back to Broulee.  Next week the temps drop into the teens and trust me it's no longer fun for us to be here.  Although It looks like Izzy is not minding the snow and cold.