-E.B. White

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

"Bustin" out of the trailer park

We recently cut the lines, and ventured out to one of our favorite anchoring spots for an overnight.  Keewaydin Island, for our boat, can only be approached on high tide.  It's Izzy's favorite place - dogs are allowed on the beach.  During the day it's packed full of small beached boats, but by 5 O'clock we have the whole beach and anchorage to ourselves.  This is  Izzy returning to Broulee after her last pump out for the evening.  Her face is saying, "Mom, no need for a wash down - seriously, put the hose away.  I barely got wet.  Yea, right!!! 

Then it was feeding time for the dolphins, Izzy thought swimming with them would be fun, keeping her on board was a major issue.

Rewarded with a beautiful sunset.  We love this spot.  Upon return to the marina, everyone asked "where did you go, where did you go?   One couple said, "we need to get out of this trailer park.  It is hard for us, normal adventurous people to be once again in a Marina.  If you have to be stuck somewhere, this is a great place.   We are planning another outing soon.

Deb back in Minnesota, again, for very nice weather.  Record breaking warm temps - melting snow and ice in February is not normal.  63 degrees on February 17th was flip flop weather for me.  Our yard is pretty much clear of snow.  Ice on lake is sloppy and not safe.  Looking at more snow this weekend, but, we should be over the hump as far as severe cold temp.

Broulee, once again, participating in the Blessing of the Fleet.  Good friend Doug Stiefel helped crew with Captain Rick and Queen Isabella.

Sunrise view from Broulee's cockpit, looks like the Marco River is on fire - good to be back.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Moving On 2017

Meant to post this when we got back from Christmas in Minnesota - things got busy, but once again, better late than never.  A little old mixed with a little new.

We are back on Broulee - fun to reconnect with everyone at home.  

Santa Claus arrived while we were gone (aka Doug),  Izzy could not believe it.  Seriously, after 3 days on the road - a lot of squeaking was happening. We now need a bigger toy box.

Izzy back home this fall - caught red handed, stealing two toys and two balls from the neighbors house.  The hood calls her the "toy whore" - and rightfully so!

New Years eve, back at the Naples Pier for the fireworks celebration.

Friends Bill & Jan joined us on the beach in Naples to celebrate New Years Eve at the Pier. 

Once again, New Years Eve on the Beach

It seems to be all good.

Well maybe the Alligator when looking for your golf ball might not be good, it is a learning lesson.  
Good to be back

Deb is in between worlds right now - splitting time between Florida and Minnesota.  

Deb's new friend. Nonstop to Minneapolis and back.

I love me a sunset - nothing better than breaking thru a cloudy day and be awarded with a sunset.

The Captain has mostly been doing maintenance projects and getting some golfing in.  

Name boards have been refurbished, complete with new LED NAV lights.  Also new LED mast/anchor light.

The boat hook got new coats of varnish, plus the brass hook got a polishing.

No major projects means we get to enjoy our cockpit, not a workshop, this year.