-E.B. White

Sunday, August 29, 2010

UPDATE ON THE SMITH HOMEFRONT - work on the new master bath continues.  Sydney joins Smith family for an outing at "ye olde cabin" on Platte Lake.  Georgia is becoming an expert at western riding and has a new love named Dusty. We have beans coming out of our ears.  Cooper survives rooftop rite of passage and Izzy is still Izzy. 

Framing, electrical, plumbing and floors are in - sheetrock has started  - selections have been made and remade - the  soaking tub has arrived - so it seems like we are making progress.

 Izzy, Sydney and Georgia patiently waiting for smores at Platte Lake Cabin - hey I told you guys we could have them when it gets dark out.

Sydney caught the first fish and looks like it is a keeper - she then went on to catch 10 more.
Looks like we found the sweet spot in the lake - Georgia caught a total of 9

Way to go Cooper

The happy fishermen and fisherwomen.

Time for an evening pontoon ride - oh, oh looks like a storm is abrewing.

Maybe it will miss us.

Calm after the storm.

 Early morning anglers - good work team - nice Bass!

Georgia and her new love Dusty.

The crops are in - we are running out of ideas for cooking beans and neither one of us likes raw tomatoes so not sure why we are growing them. The neighbors are starting to pretend they are not home when they see us coming with a bag in our hands so we have resorted to late night drops on their doorsteps. The potatoes on the other hand are a hot ticket and we have not had a problem finding homes for them and the deer and bunnies took care of the cucumbers and peppers. 

Making lots of Salsa!

Soooooo Gooood and our one surviving cucumber hiding in the back.

A rite of passage  -  climbing on the roof from the second story window.  Yes, it was finally Cooper's turn and, of course, needed to be documented.
Izzy continues to love boating and.......

just being Izzy - only trying harder to be more grown up.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

AS JULY COMES TO AN END AND THE MINNESOTA STATE FAIR is just around the corner (official end of Minnesota Summer) I am again asking myself - where the hell did summer go? ARGHHHH! We called last summer 'THE SUMMER THAT WAS NOT" and now this summer "THE SUMMER THAT WAS HOT". Temps soaring into the 90's on a regular basis, 37 tornado touchdowns or sightings, thunderstorms arriving every 2nd or 3rd day bringing a brief drop in humidity and then dewpoints instantly ratcheting right back into the tropical zone. It has been a good summer, sorry to say the deer have eaten most of our veggies in the garden that we (better late then never) managed to plant.
Gardens are flourishing - which really means weeds galore.

Our Hydrangas love the heat and  frequent rain showers.

The Hibiscus thinks we are in Florida and can't seem to get enough of the hot and humid weather.

In June Rick spent two weeks at his sister Sandra's house on the Hudson River. He had lots of fun channeling his inner Tom Silva from "This Old House" - repairing a wood column on their 200 + year old house, helping to install a new overhang at his niece Leslie's house and just plain enjoying quality family time.

View from Boscobel looking down the Hudson River towards West Point

I think he would make Tom Silva proud!

Now with just a little paint - good as new.

New front overhang for Leslie's house - still in need of some finishing touches, but the ground work is set.

Future project?  The old playhouse on the property - another day.

Of course, it was not all work, work work -  taking time off to celebrate Gramp's and Macdera's birthday.

Picnic on the grounds at Boscobel - with the Hudson river in the background.

Music night at Boscobel - with the Hudson River Valley as a backdrop. 

Our front porch was finally cleaned and put in order and the ski boat did manage to get in by our "self-induced" (and alot of crap from our neighbors) deadline of the 4th of July.

Front porch on a good day.

Finally got our ducks in a row.

 Our grandson Cooper woke up one morning and decided he wanted to try skiing and turns out he's a natural, of course (it's that grandma bragging thing, sorry) .

It seems we have created a monster - all we hear now is "Pops I want to ski !!!" 

 The annual 4th of July pontoon boat races on the lake where a blast - topping off the evening with a spectacular fireworks show and way too much wine.

We always go with the patriotic theme -  others go with the pirate theme

and them some - go for the rustic look.

Gentlemen start your engines - all I gotta say is thank goodness it's held early enough in the day - no major drinking has occurred yet.



This is just the neighborhood stuff - it gets bigger and better every year.

 Projects resumed on this old house as soon as Rick's feet hit the tarmack and our two steps forward 3 steps back approach of remodeling our masterbath is now starting to inch ahead.

This little side project had to happen before demo of the space needed for the new bath.  The old closet had to come out in Deb's office so there was space to move a loveseat/hideabed - originally in the room needed for expanding the masterbath.

Finished project before the real project begins

We are very envious of all our fellow bloggers - enjoying boating on the Chesapeake, Hudson River and road trips out west, but, maybe we will be able to cram some kind of adventure in before returning to Broulee  in November.

Izzy continues to multi-task and enjoys her daily romp in the lake.

The grandkids are sun-kissed and beautiful.

All in all life is good on Lake Wobegon "where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average" - Garrison Keillor.